About Us

International Meditation Alliance is the association representing the Meditation Community. Our mission is to promote and support the integrity and diversity of the teaching of Meditation. We work to bring authentic Meditation Centers, Institutes and Teachers from across traditions and continents together, under one roof to enable people to connect with authentic Meditation Practices from across the world.

Our Central Team

Ashok Chandalia

Mumbai, India

Edward Niam

Cleveland, USA

Grainne Toher

Dublin, Ireland

K C Jain

New Delhi, India

Veronica Sanchez

London, United Kingdom

Ranjit Dugar

Kolkata, India

Tim Bo

Llanelli Wales UK

Elena Apalkova

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Janet Etty-Leal

East Kew, Victoria, Australia

Angelica Soler

Coordinator for Spain